Fisher v. Corinthian – Semi Final 2nd Leg

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I decided to head down to St. Pauls for the evening Semi-Final 2nd Leg of the Southern Counties East Football League (SCEFL) between Fisher and Corinthian. The first leg had ended 0-0 so this was a ‘winner takes all’ game which tend to be the best ones. The SCEFL Premier Division is at Step 5 of the FA non-league pyramid which is where both teams are, and the fact that both teams are in title contention was even more proof that this would be a great battle. I’ve taken photos at loads of SCEFL First Division (Step 6) games but have only been to a handful of Premier Division games and none of those involved either team so I had no idea about the players or style of play that was to come.


The Ground

St. Pauls is a nice ground that has a great view of Canary Wharf that cannot be missed. During the daytime, I’m sure this would look epic in photos. For a photographer, the thing about evening games is that even if the game seems like it should be a great one, if the floodlights are weak the photos will suffer massively (well at least mine do). With weak floodlights the photos come out very dark, and if the settings are adjusted to increase brightness then the photos will come out grainy. St. Pauls’ floodlights aren’t strong so the decision came down to dark or grainy. I can’t deal with grainy photos so I went with dark but I positioned myself near a floodlight and accepted that I probably would only get decent shots of the action 10-15 yards ahead of me (rough).


The Match

Once the game got underway it was all Fisher. Loads of pace and trickery down the left wing in particular and direct running through the middle. Fisher went 1-0 up early and by the time they went 2-0 up it was obvious to me why they were challenging for the title. Considering though that the title is actually in Corinthians’ hands I similarly questioned how they’d managed to get themselves in that position. They answered that question in the second half. It was like a different team that came out. Even with the revitalised Corinthian side though, Fisher were in control until the 88th minute. Corinthian scored direct from a free kick, keeper had no chance. 2-1. The equaliser came 8 minutes into added time. Another set piece, this time ball into the box with a Corinthian player supplying the finish. The game was over after another free kick for the away side made it 3-2 in extra time completing the comeback.


Normally I do try to capture as many players with the ball as possible, especially when doing photos at steps 5, 6, and 7 but in some conditions your photo reach is restricted and it just can’t be done. After I do a social media post of game highlight photos it’s normal to get a couple of players come across it and message me for photos I got of them. I got that from one of the Corinthian players but as luck would have it, I literally had not one single photo of him. It wouldn’t be the guy who I had 30 shots of message me but the guy who was on the other side of where I was all game. It happens more times than it should!

Corinthian go into the final and Fisher are left to focus on the league.



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