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Touchline Photography was started by me, Yaw (pronounced Yao) in the summer of 2018. I always enjoyed taking photos generally, and after finally giving up playing Sunday League I started taking photos of my old team Forza Greenwich in some pre-season friendlies. At the time I thought the photos were great and sent them through one by one into the team WhatsApp group which seemed to go down well.

One week I sent them to the opposition and they really liked them. From there I set up a Twitter page and started posting some pics from games where I just turned up and spoke to both managers before the game to make sure it was ok.

I knew a load of team names from when I played so I started using my Twitter page to follow them which eventually brought me a following of about 150. Within a few weeks I was contacted by the chairman of Meridian VP saying they needed a club photographer. Even though I was taking photos of teams/games I didn’t consider myself to be a photographer seeing as I’d just started.

I told them not to expect much as I was still learning and still am! Before long Touchline Photography was getting a bit more locally recognised as I was now having the opposition of Meridian VP retweeting my photos and even asking me to do them when Meridian didn’t have a game. I gave my equipment a bit of an upgrade mid-season and set up an Instagram page and before long I was getting bookings on almost a weekly basis. I successfully applied for a National League licence and as soon as I started posting those photos, the booking requests kept up.

At this point my photos were continuing to improve as I was taking photos every Saturday and Sunday (plus sometimes mid-week), chatting to other photographers at games and taking tips on how to be better which I’ll always do no matter how good I get in the future.


  • Touchline Photography epitomises quality and class. In our inaugural season in the British Basketball League, they have been fundamental in capturing these very important moments. Very professional, great turnaround and a joy to work with at game time and beyond. Highly recommended by us for all of your sporting photography needs. A class organisation.

    Steve Whyte
    Steve Whyte London City Royals
  • “ TouchlineP goes to the games that others don't so it enables us to see and share different teams and players from around our Leagues. Not only does he get the 'money shots' and goal action but he seems to be in the right place at the right time to get images that I can then use for a host of different reasons across our site, sometimes many months later. I have used his photography across all the websites I work with, plus in Football programmes and on Social Media”

    Dean Sawyer
    Dean Sawyer Phoenix Sports
  • "Touchline is top drawer! We gave him his first opportunity with MVP and he had excelled and grown with every game. Anyone with common sense must see and give credit where due".

    Dwinder Tamna
    Dwinder Tamna Meridian VP
  • Touchline has been nothing but professional and consistent when working with the Dons. He's been punctual and prompt, and his standards have never dropped. He is doing amazing things for grass roots football and football in general. We'll continue to work with him for as long as he's available.

    SE Dons

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